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O Bag in Hoog Catharijne

the brand

O bag means innovation, versatility, colors, unexpected, essential.
.make it yours

#personalization #customization
dot one .be yourself

The brand O bag stems from the incredible success of the iconic and customizable bag in “EVA” rubber.

Today, it is leader in the customizable accessory market, offering a wide range of products made of innovative materials, such as combinable bags, watches, sunglasses and bracelets.

O bag is a design-oriented brand aiming at an easy way of enjoying fashion. It is chosen by a cross generation public, since people can find in it a way of expressing themselves by freely creating their most loved accessories.

All O bag products are meant to be literally created by the customer,to always enjoy differently shaped accessories by mixing interchangeable and matchable elements,

dot two .we design with passion .you create with love

O bag combines its functional design to a contemporary aesthetics, promoting innovative materials and essential shapes, enhanced all by powerful colors.

The unexpected mix of extra-light materials, of industrial manufacturing origin like EVA rubber and the silicone, is quite an original approach to design.

Our innovative and typically “Made in Italy” designed products, are a brainchild of the close collaboration between the creative team of Padua and the architecture and design studio “laboratorio.quattro”. The widest part of O bag production is entrusted to suppliers and collaborators based on our country, in order to guarantee those quality standards which are a trademark of the made in Italy.

dot three .obaglove

O bag world is based on the“O”concept. It stands for One (unique), Own (belonging to oneself), Original.
Graphically, “O” is portrayed by a dot marking each product.
O bag network is unique, custom-made, tailored on each customer, who can live a special and funny experience playing with our accessories by mixing elements and colors.

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